Accounting @ Berkeley

Center for Financial Reporting & Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any foundation skills or prior knowledge of accounting required for this program?

No prior knowledge of accounting is needed or required. The introductory BCPA starts you off in our two introductory courses.

How is the program structured?

The program is structured so that students complete 30 units in accounting over the course of 2 summers. Each summer students take 4 courses over the course of 12 weeks. Students take 2 classes at a time in two 6 week sessions.

The program has two summers, but I’m not sure if I can commit to both. Can I just take one?

Yes, you have the option to complete only one summer. Two is not required.

Can you explain the difference between the Introductory and Advanced BCPA?

The differences between the Introductory and Advanced BCPA are the course offerings and the cohort specific events. In order to qualify for the Advanced BCPA you need to have already taken the courses in the Introductory BCPA.

Is there a GPA requirement for the program?

There is no firm GPA requirement at this time.

I noticed that the CPA has a 150 semester unit requirement. Are we qualified to sit for the CPA exams after completing the two BCPA summers?

The BCPA satisfies the 30 semester units in accounting required for the CPA, however you would still be required to complete an additional 120 semester units to meet the 150 semester unit requirement.

Can I substitute courses I have previously taken for courses in the BCPA program?

In some instances, course substitutions may be allowed if students have previously taken introductory courses at other institutions or have taken any BCPA course at ​Berkeley-​Haas.

Do the units in the BCPA program count toward the 130 unit limit for L&S students?

The courses offered in the BCPA program are regular undergraduate courses, so their units do count toward the 130 unit limit. L&S is willing to be flexible with that limit for BCPA students as long as you still plan to graduate on time. We recommend speaking with your major advisor to ensure proper planning.

Do BCPA courses need to be taken for a letter grade?

Yes, courses must be taken for a letter grade and you must receive a C- or better to receive a certificate of completion.

I am a freshman at UC Berkeley. Can I apply to this program or do I need to wait until I am a junior?

We accept students in all grade levels and encourage freshman and sophomores to apply.

Can you tell me a little more about the application process?

The BCPA application consists of a series of questions, a brief personal essay, and we ask that you upload your transcripts, resume, and English proficiency test scores (if International).

Is the BCPA program priced per unit?

The program is priced based on a combination of unit and program fees.

Are there any scholarships available to help supplement the program cost?

Yes, we offer merit based scholarships to UC Berkeley students.

Can I get financial aid for this program?

If you are a UC Berkeley student who qualifies for financial aid during the regular school year you should qualify for summer aid. Please contact the financial aid office about your eligibility:

Do you accept international students into the program?

Yes. International students must be high school graduates and be able to submit Visa and English Proficiency test score documentation.

What is the minimum number of units we must take if we want to participate in BCPA?

There is a two course minimum, however, all courses must be completed in order to receive a certificate.

What are the housing options available to students who aren't local?

Summer Sessions provides housing to students enrolled in summer courses. Students may apply to live in the dorms or International House​.